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Malla™ Fitness is the new craze that is taking Hollywood by storm. Malla™ Fitness offers different classes throughout the week . With both morning and evening classes available Malla is the incredible workout that fits around your busy schedule and the most beautiful thing about Malla™ is that it only takes 30 minutes to achieve the optimum workout leaving you free to enjoy the rest of your day. Using specially designed equipment MALLA™ combines strength training with intense cardio workout, allowing you to burn an average of 490 Kcal in only 30 minutes.MALLA™ is adapted to all levels, the exclusive designed MALLA™ equipment is designed for all levels and ensures you are working the correct muscle groups.MALLA™ has spent years in research and development ensuring you get the most time efficient workout.  The combination of utilizing gravity with specialized  equipment will ensure you see results within a week.  We do not ask people to diet but eat a sensible nutrition plan.


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