The Science behind MALLA™ FITNESS.This page is about the science behind Malla. The science behind Malla is important because the science makes Malla work. Science of MALLA™

  • MALLA™ makes you burn an average of 490 Kcal every 30 minutes.
  • MALLA™ gives you an average 40% increase in upper body muscle activation compared to traditional strength training methods.
  • MALLA™ offers ergonomic adaptations and movement progression that tailor the program to you.
  • MALLA™ gets you achieving major cardio-respiratory benefits by achieving an average of 89% HRmax.​
  • MALLA™ utilizes a innovative color coded Body Pole that has been designed to ensure you are training the correct muscle groups and eliminating error.
  • You can’t cheat or train incorrectly with MALLA™ fitness.
  • MALLA™ is a discipline that has been perfected in conjunction with experts from the Center for Sports Studies at the prestigious University of Kent in the UK.
  • MALLA™ combines the use of gravity and functional training in a  format has you toned and shedding fat faster than most training methods.

MALLA™ is inspired by the traditional Indian pole training of wrestlers and warriors. This 21st century WARRIOR workout is for all, it is fun, exhilarating and very addictive due to the quick results. The program is adapted for ALL fitness abilities and the key behind the program is to achieve results with fat loss and muscle tone.

MALLA’s freestanding equipment has roots that stretch back over hundreds of years. They evoke the poles of Mallakhamb––an Indian sport that was designed to test the strength and nimbleness of fighters. They would use the pole to support their acrobatic feats and aspiring dance careers, twisting, climbing, and flipping along its vertical length to build strength and stamina.

Today, MALLA’s routines deliver similar toning effects in a mere 30 minutes and you needn’t be a soldier to sign up, as instructors have mastered progressive modifications for students of all skill levels. They guide classes through a mix of specific strength and cardio drills that utilize the exclusively engineered MALLA equipment for leverage. Sometimes participants will grip the equipment to lift their lower bodies off the ground, while other exercises have them hold onto it for balance as they extend and stretch their limbs.

The regimen constitutes an invigorating group workout that activates several muscle groups and keeps heart rates elevated, all while music plays in the background, and MALLA equipment adapts itself to the fitness level of the student.